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In the Ten Stones Community, residents are linked by an intention to live more economically, ecologically, and cooperatively. Residents share a desire to be connected to the land, live in the pastoral setting of the Champlain Valley, and develop connected relationships with neighbors. We make decisions about the community by consensus in order to find agreement for the common good. The families of Ten Stones care for jointly owned land and infrastructure, share resources, work to maintain and improve the community, celebrate important events, and care for one another through all stages of life.

Located in the rolling hills of Charlotte, Vermont, the community is a short distance from the beaches of Lake Champlain and is surrounded by farmland, vineyards, and orchards. While residents enjoy the benefits of rural living, the Ten Stones Community is only 10 miles from the center of Burlington, VT with its many cultural attractions, the University of Vermont, UVM Hospital, and Burlington Airport.

One becomes a resident through purchasing an existing home/lot in the community. The duplex is a shared equity home and can only be purchased after qualifying through the Champlain Housing Trust. Our 16 houses sit on half-acre lots clustered around a common green where children and pets play, spontaneous games come alive in the summer, and members gather in warm weather for barbecues and potlucks. Our common house is the focal point of such community activities as shared meals, parties and celebratory activities, yoga and dance classes, meditations, training sessions, community meetings, movie nights, music sessions, and public lectures.

Of the total 87.4 acres of land on the property, the residents collaboratively own approximately 77 acres of woodland, wetland, meadows, and agricultural land. Residents enjoy walking and cross country skiing on the property's trails, maple syrup production, skating at one of the multiple ponds, watching the sun set over the Adirondacks, or sitting around the campfire. Approximately 40 acres of communally owned land are permanently conserved with the Charlotte Land Trust; a portion of this land is organically farmed with the remainder in use for gardens, orchards, beekeeping, and a commercial composting operation: Champlain Valley Compost Company. 

The Ten Stones community hosts a ground-mounted solar array that was one of the first community power stations in Vermont. This model of locally owned energy on a small community scale provides clean, renewable, and affordable electricity to six households as well as the bio-engineered wetland that processes our waste water.

Residents have the opportunity to participate in the established community garden and orchard, chicken co-operative, and other animal co-operatives with other member families. 

We collectively care for our shared land and common resources, and contribute our time, energy, and skills to make our community what it is. Members are required to contribute work hours to meet community needs and we contract out for some services we are unable to perform ourselves.  

Ten Stones Rainbow
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