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July 6, 2023 - Advanced Notice of Sale


This is advance notice of the sale of a Champlain Housing Trust Shared Equity home (1/2 duplex) in the community. Shared equity homeownership is a way to lower the cost of buying a home; Champlain Housing Trust’s shared equity program enables people to buy a home without a down payment and with a reduced mortgage.


If you are potentially interested in this opportunity, please visit the Champlain Housing Trust at After completing an application, interested parties will need to have a brief meeting with the organization to be placed on the “potential buyer” list. You will also need to attend a homebuyer’s workshop prior to being eligible to make a purchase offer.


The official listing with price and details will be posted soon at both the Champlain Housing Trust and Ten Stones websites. Anyone who is potentially interested, is encouraged to start applying with Champlain Housing Trust now.


Any inquiries about the Champlain Housing Trust process or sale of this home should be directed to the Champlain Housing Trust

We believe that a well informed understanding of our community is the necessary and appropriate foundation for the relationship between Ten Stones Community and potential residents. Click below to read more general information about Ten Stones Community life. 

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